Why Signal?

The Problem

$10B of vehicles get imported each year, but there is no technology enabling this ecosystem

It’s time to fix it.

For progressive auto dealers seeking to transform the way they buy, sell, and manage inventory, Signal is here to enable productivity and help you grow your business.

In today's world, staying up to date means real time market analysis.

Welcome to PIE.

PIE: Predictive Inventory Engine

PIE predicts what will sell fastest, driving dealer success

Our engineers have created algorithms to predict the optimal inventory mix
PIE creates dealer specific marketplaces using:

The story of Signal

Signal Automotive was started with a primary focus to create a software platform that automated the end-to-end process of importing vehicles for distribution in the US market. This encompassed technologies that managed every step of a vehicle lifecycle, including: vehicle appraisal and demand forecasting, a purpose built inventory management solution for wholesale and import, and a marketplace to showcase and sell vehicles quickly and effectively. Between CarGo and riOS, the Signal platform manages hundreds of discrete activities required to purchase, import, and sell late model used vehicles.

Rather than find beta customers, we decided to become the first customer and use the platform ourselves. This allowed us, through real experience (and lots of trial and error!) to create the best possible platform for importing and selling vehicles.

We built a $100M+ business on the back of this technology stack, and now it’s time to offer it to dealers!

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