Why Signal2

Signal is the platform for dealers to scale and efficiently manage their used car acquisition

Eliminate logistics headaches​​

Order 5 vehicles, and we take care of the shipping

AI powered insights​

Understand your market better - we track every vehicle on the market

Fair priced inventory​

Supported by data, don’t get stuck in a bidding war

Paperless processing​

Save paper - our platform is fully digital, every step of the way

Post-sales tracking​

Live visibility across your vehicles, including shipping, titling, and payment

Instant guaranteed appraisals​

If we price it, we buy it

Signal for Sellers

Looking to move trade-ins and inventory efficiently?


Instant guaranteed appraisals

We provide top dollar offers fast, and stand by our offers


Drive more sales

Accelerate the trade-in process, and close more deals with customers

Automated reporting

View reporting on all of your business with Signal, including trends and market data to support our offers

Export through CarGo

If you want to test the US market, let the CarGo platform and our expert team set you up for success

Benefits for Buyers

Looking to access high-quality inventory
and without delivery fees?


Front line ready inventory

All Signal’s inventory goes through a rigorous recon process with our in house teams. We guarantee you’ll be happy with your vehicles, or we’ll fix it – no questions asked

Competitive and fair prices

Our data supported pricing ensures you can effectively retail your inventory

PIE powered insights

PIE gives you a better understanding of the trends in your region, with your competition, even nationally, to help you keep your finger on the pulse

Free shipping

Buy in batches of 5 and we will handle the shipping, straight to your front door.

So what's new?

The Old Way

Study auction list

Bid for vehicles

Auction arbitration

Tedious logistics

Tedious logistics

The Signal Way

Curated Inventory

Exclusive access
to inventory

Satisfaction or
Your money back

White glove service

White glove service

White glove service


Take advantage of Signal’s purpose built
platform to bring vehicles into the US

Whether you’re an American or Canadian dealer, the CarGo platform, along with our streamlined in-house supply chain allows you to bring vehicles into the US quickly, efficiently, and transparently, setting you up for success.

Interested in what Signal could do for you?

Reach out.